We are very proud to introduce you to our new Director of Investor Relations, Leah Maurer. A University of St. Thomas alumnus, Leah brings 20 years of experience to Timberland Partners. She spent 14 years with Cushman & Wakefield as Director of Capital Markets, and most recently, served as Assistant Vice President in Corporate Real Estate Asset Management at U.S. Bank. Her insight and expertise are a welcome addition to our team as we prepare for the challenges and growth ahead.

What interested you most about joining Timberland Partners?

I’m passionate about real estate and have enjoyed working in different areas of the field throughout my career. Over time, I became very interested in the fund side of the business because of the unique opportunity it provides investors into ownership. Real estate funds are a great investment option for people looking to diversify, grow wealth over time, and enjoy all the benefits of owning real estate in a passive manner. Timberland Partners and the leaders here have an excellent reputation, so when the opportunity transpired to join the team it was an easy decision.

Our industry is facing some challenging market conditions in the coming year. What will you be paying particular attention to in 2024?

It has to be interest rates because of the far-reaching implications of an inflationary climate. Increasing interest rates and inflation have impacted every part of our business including our residents, property operations, acquisitions, and financing, all of which influence our performance and returns. We are proactive in our approach during this time and I believe that is critical. Our team is vertically integrated and hyper-focused on where we can mitigate the impacts of inflation by retaining residents, controlling expenses, buying smart, and managing our existing portfolio thoughtfully.

What opportunities do you see on the road ahead for our investment partners?

We are anticipating opportunities to buy distressed properties over the next 12-24 months. This may provide the opportunity for our partners to invest in properties possibly below market value where we can add value in areas such as improving management, increasing leasing, and executing on capital improvements that had been neglected. Any combination of these, when purchased right and financed correctly, will allow us to continue to grow our portfolio and provide investors with quality returns on their investment.