Timberland Partners introduces new operations to drive optimal results.

With a rapidly growing portfolio of apartment communities, the Timberland Partners operations team is constantly focused on identifying workflow efficiencies. Any opportunity presented that can save time or improve results ultimately creates happier residents and a healthier bottom line. Nowhere has that been more apparent or impactful than with our service teams.

Service team members carry significant responsibility.

They keep our communities working on a day-to-day basis, from resolving resident work order requests to ongoing community maintenance. They’re also crucial on-site support for major capital improvements, working closely with vendors to execute on the property-specific business plan. With so many demands on their time, identifying efficiencies is a priority.

Our service teams have incorporated technology into their workflows for years. Work orders could be managed via mobile app, software systems assisted with tracking expenses, and ongoing maintenance could be tracked. The challenge is that technology is constantly evolving, as are the needs of our team. In early 2022, the operations team began to work closely with our service teams to better understand where their pain points were, and how they could help us identify inefficiencies.

Their input was invaluable.

They pointed out numerous areas of opportunity with our existing software system, as well as policies that were in place, that didn’t work as smoothly in practice as needed. Aging software on their tablets was clunky, tasks took more steps than necessary; we had simply outgrown the systems that were in place.

With that critical feedback available to us, our team immediately began to assess various options to address the issues.

Policies were reassessed and new software solutions were reviewed, allowing us to ensure each component of this planning process was aligned to maximize results. In just a few months, a major overhaul of the systems and policies in place to support their role underwent a major evolution. Our teams are now implementing these new systems, with feedback processes in place to ensure we are monitoring and measuring the impacts of these changes along the way.

Change is inevitable.

Policies may no longer make sense given the technological landscape. Software systems may no longer align with team member needs. For Timberland Partners, the commitment to an honest assessment of our needs, and what ultimately drives performance will allow us to continuously improve, which results in resident and team member satisfaction.