Timberland Partners Development Team

The Timberland Partners Development Leadership Team brings decades of experience to the real estate development process. This team’s passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit drive the success of each of our development properties.

How does the work of Timberland Partners’ development team feed into the company’s overall strategy?

Ryan Sailer | Vice President of Real Estate Development

We’re apartment developers and owners at heart. I think our development properties are a unique opportunity to build a class-A product that complements our portfolio. For the most part, a lot of our developments over the last four or five years have been urban infill. In other words, we’ve redeveloped underutilized buildings, torn down blight and put vacant or undeveloped land to use. Often, our developments are by transportation lines, so we’re meeting a community objective, in that they want high-density near transportation corridors. So, creating value near transportation corridors has been a common theme among our developments.

How do Timberland Partners’ development projects actually help build community?

Bjorn Strommen | Director of Development

When we’re bringing a project forward, it’s important that we are creating a community. If you look at some of the projects that we’re building, we’re taking what was maybe nothing in the surrounding area and creating clean, safe, friendly housing. Then, that community starts to build on itself — kind of organically. It’s going to be a good community atmosphere for residents, and then for businesses to take shape and to start expanding the footprint of our cities.

Are you owners in any of the development projects?

Ryan Sailer | Vice President of Real Estate Development

So, not only is Timberland usually one of the largest owners in the developments, but all three of us are now personally invested in those deals, too. That adds a lot to the development as well because we’re looking at this long-term. After all, it impacts us. So, we make sure that when these are constructed they’re underwritten to operate well and to hold up over the test of time.

How does that ownership and long-term view factor into how the team approaches each development project?

Laren Holcomb | Developer

When we make decisions, we don’t think about a year or two from now. We’re not going to buy this, build this building and then sell it to somebody else. We’re going to be vested in that project for 10 plus years, and decisions are made that way. We work very hard not to just have a project that looks good in one to two years but looks good in 10 to 20 years. Because, likely, we’re going to still be involved in that project.

What makes the development process rewarding?

Laren Holcomb | Developer

You know that you’re not just building a project and washing your hands of it. It’s something that you’re proud of for years to come. That’s why I really like being in the development department and what it is all about. Ten years from now, you can drive by these communities that we built, and really say, ‘Hey, I was involved in that.’ Personally, that’s what drives me to do this job.

Are there opportunities to invest in new development projects?

Ryan Sailer | Vice President of Real Estate Development

As Timberland Partners continues to grow and we take on more projects, there will be opportunities for our investment partners to join us. We look forward to sharing more information as those opportunities present themselves.