Fund VII

Investment Goal

$100 Million

Minimum Investment


In 2007, Timberland Partners’ primary investment model evolved from a single investment approach to a fund strategy. Our first six funds have each acquired several high-quality apartment properties, with returns on investment meeting or exceeding expectations.

New market.

Proven approach.

Timberland Partners Apartment Fund VII, LLC (TPAF VII) will focus upon acquiring properties that produce strong cash flow, as well as those where value can be enhanced through renovation and strong management. This approach has been successful in our previous funds, providing investors with a combination of annual cash flow and long-term capital appreciation. While the focus will remain on Midwest properties, consideration will be given to acquiring in the Southeast and other markets as well.

As with our previous funds, our strategy includes acquiring properties in secondary or tertiary markets, which have attracted less attention from national or institutional investors, often resulting in less competition for available apartment properties and higher returns on our investments.

Invest with Timberland Partners

With increasing demands for apartments and a stable job market, we are confident in the timing and outlook of this fund. Learn more about this opportunity and how you can partner with Timberland Partners Investments.

Watch the Webinar

Hear Timberland Partners CEO Bob Fransen, Chief Investment Officer Matt Fransen, Vice President of Investor Relations Greg Ribich and Director of Investor Relations Sam Eaton explore current market conditions and the strategy behind our latest investment opportunity.

Highlights from Webinar

The apartment market is strong, and new household formation is currently outpacing the production of new units.

The investment goal of Timberland Partners Acquisitions Fund VII (TPAF VII) is $100 million.

TPAF VII will provide increasing quarterly cash distributions in the 7-10% range during the hold period.