Creating and Capturing Value in a Changing Environment: Webinar Recording

Our recent Timberland Partners Investments webinar was a success thanks in part to all of those who joined us on June 18. During the webinar, the leadership team provided an update on Timberland Partners Apartment Fund VII performance to date and upcoming opportunities. The webinar is now available on our website for anyone who wants updates on Fund VII, and a look at how we’re continually adapting our strategies in response to changing market conditions.

Highlights from Webinar

Timberland Partners President and CEO, Bob Fransen, provided perspective on current circumstances and the organizational vision going forward. 

Erin Fransen, Timberland Partners’ chief operating officer, reviewed portfolio performance and highlighted the initiatives that enabled our teams to safely adapt and thrive during these challenging times.

Chief Investment Officer, Matt Fransen, shared an update on how our asset management and acquisition strategies have evolved.

Greg Ribich, our vice president of investor relations, provided an update on the performance of Timberland Partners Apartment Fund VII thus far and highlighted upcoming investment opportunities.

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