Sam Eaton | Director of Investor Relations

Sam Eaton is the Director of Investor Relations for Timberland Partners. In this role, Sam is a primary point of contact for our existing investors and works to develop new relationships with individual investors, wealth managers, and family offices.


How does Timberland Partners consistently deliver above-average returns?

“We’re a big believer in under promise and over-deliver, and so we use conservative underwriting models when we look at new properties to acquire. We like to see the value that we can create, but not over-promise to anyone. So that allows us to deliver on our promises over time.”

What can investors expect when they choose Timberland Partners?

“We send out quarterly distributions, and so our investors have come to trust and expect that. What sets us apart as a company is the level of integrity that they get and the transparency that they can see when they invest with us. Investing in illiquid asset classes is challenging, so there has to be a high level of trust and that can’t be created instantly; it’s only built up gradually over time. The company has built this level of trust with our investor-base over almost 30 years and that’s what keeps people coming back. That’s what allows them to communicate the same level of confidence to their friends and family when they make referrals on our behalf and allows us to bring in new investors as well.”

What does the future of Timberland Partners look like?

“We’ve got a very particular business model. We generally buy suburban apartment communities in the middle part of the country, in secondary and tertiary markets. While it’s a simple business model in that sense, we do one thing, but we strive to do it better than anybody else. I think there’s no doubt in a few years we will be nationally-recognized as one of the premier real estate investment and management companies in the multifamily real-estate space.”

Do you have any advice for someone who’s been referred to Timberland Partners?

“Get comfortable with the model. Do your homework. Talk to our team because we want you to understand who we are and what we’re offering. Everyone is open to answering questions that might come up. This isn’t a massive institutional investment company that you might call and there’s nobody who can answer your questions. If you reach out to anyone on our team, we’ll answer the phone, we’ll answer your e mail and develop a personal relationship with you so you can understand who is managing your investments. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to feel like you’re involved, and your questions can be answered about the real estate that you truly own. That’s not something that would be afforded to you at many other investment operators. I think once you take a look at it, get to know our team and how we operate, you’ll get comfortable pretty quickly.”